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Author Topic: Settings used for detections during the contest in "Start Now" menu.  (Read 4373 times)

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All detections displayed in "Start Now" is performed with the following settings:

GB is done in manually mode with this following steps:

Step 1: At your hunt site, switch to your "All Metal 4 GB" search program and find the above-described 'clean' spot.
Step 2: Increase the Sensitivity level up to the point - Stability Breakpoint, at which the detector starts 'chattering'.
Step 3: Press the GB button, then select "Manual", lower the setting value to 65-70 by pressing the "-" (minus) button.
Step 4: Lower a search coil to the ground slowly. As the coil approaches the surface, you should hear the increasing ground feedback (noise).
Step 5: Repeat raising and slowly lowering the search coil while adjusting the Ground Balance value (Level of Ground Effect Correction) by pressing the "+" (plus) button until the ground feedback just starts to disappear as the coil approaches the ground - this is an optimal GB value for this particular search area.
Step 6: Switch to the search program which you intend to use for this hunt site, press the GB button, and, by using "+" or "-" buttons input a GB value that you have just obtained (save the program if you plan to return to this location again!).
Step 7: Lower Sensitivity to a level of a few points below the previously determined Stability Breakpoint. Now your detector is ready for fruitful metal detecting!

The choosen program used in all levels is generic to the original program no 3: "Fast".

PS! The preferred interface will vary for individuals and our settings must not be considered as correct settings for all users!
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